Lawn Maintenance...


Basic Lawn Service

Maintaining a beautiful yard is easy when you call NorthPro! Our standard lawn mowing services keep your weekends free and your yard looking its best.  Standard lawn mowing visits include:

Scheduled Maintenance

NorthPro maintains all of our equipment, including sharp mower blades for efficient lawn care. Dull blades have a tendency to rip grass instead of cutting cleanly, leaving grass susceptible to drought, weeds, and disease.

Mow it Yourself

Like to mow your own yard?
If you like to mow your own yard but don’t have time to do additional yard work needed to keep your yard looking its best, ask about NorthPro’s monthly detail service. We cover the areas of your yard the mower doesn’t touch. A monthly detail from NorthPro can cover anything your yard requires. Suggested services include:

(above services included with monthly contracts)

One-Time Clean Up

Have a yard that needs some TLC?
If you’ve moved to a new home or have just neglected your yard for some time, we do a spectacular one-time yard clean up service. NorthPro can give you a jumpstart on your yard and provide the extra hands needed to get your lawn and flowerbeds ready for new plants. Ask about our landscaping services if you’d like to add flowerbeds or additional plants.